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Is the anime series ‘JAPAN SINKS 2020’ any good?

In this article I’m gonna talk about a Netflix original anime series ‘JAPAN SINKS 2020’, I’m gonna give you guys a honest review, unfiltered and raw, whether or not this series is worth watching, I will even give a rating in the scale of ten at the end of the article.


First, a quick synopsis, it’s the year 2020 and the country of japan is hit by a major earthquake and its basically the end of Japan, and the people living there are doomed as the country slowly starts to sink. So the series starts and depicts the struggles of a particular family residing in Japan, and how they try their best to survive this calamity.

Warning: this series has a lot of gore scenes and a little nudity but i guess it’s alright.

It’s exactly 2:31 am and I have just finished watching the series, and I don’t know how to explain this, I kinda feel like I was cheated on, the whole series gave me like a FINAL DESTINATION themed type anime, but the ending was not how i expected it to be. I really don’t know how I feel about this series, I am in the middle ground for this one, cause I kinda like it and at the same time I dont.


The only good thing I can say about this series was that it had a unique story I guess, I don’t think there are many disaster based anime series other than Japan 8.0, I maybe wrong but this one really overdid the disaster theme. Another good thing about this series was that I wasn’t getting bored watching this, actually it was quite captivating, as there was so much happening in the series. It felt like as if I was riding a Rollercoaster. One thing I do wanna talk about is that the beauty in the message, it leaves behind is actually impressive, the whole series was like a gloomy ball of sadness, but even though the characters witnessing such horrors, they keep on moving forward, Forward towards a better future or atleast they try.


There are a lot of things I wanna point out, firstly let’s talk about the artstyle, I have seen NEFLIX doing this a lot, instead of following the traditional artstyle for anime, they tend to do something different which I personally don’t like. People are gonna back fire at me for saying this, but artstyle does matter to the viewers to a certain point. Although it may not always be the case.

Another thing I didn’t like about this anime is that the animation gets really sloppy as the series progresses. Although, I don’t want to hate on the animators as they don’t get paid well for working so hard. Animating an entire series is quite expensive and takes a lot of time and hardwork. Me, personally, I feel like the series was kinda rushed, as the bad animation takes away the intensity of the story while watching it. The animation at times gets so weird that the character look absolutely different from what they initially appeared.


I dont want to hate on this series, it’s just that i feel like this series could have done much better, the story is decent and the message which the writer wants to depict through the series is absolutely beautiful, but the animation of the characters at time, gave it away, the seriousness of the series drops as the faces of the characters gets distorted, and the weird movement of character makes it really funny at some part which take away the beauty of this anime.

Do I want to watch this anime again? Probably not.

Was it worth it? No, not really.

But I would still recommend you to watch this anime. Its not perfect, it has it flaws but it has its beauty aswell. You aint gonna get bored watching this I assure you, with a dynamic and a fast paced story, which tends to get obnoxious at times. I would rate this anime a 6.5 out of 10.

What are your thoughts about this anime? Did you like it? Leave a comment down below.

Published by Kalzang

i love anime and nothing makes me more happier than sharing my opinion on my favourite animes

3 thoughts on “Is the anime series ‘JAPAN SINKS 2020’ any good?

  1. I’ve heard mixed feelings about it. Man, I really wanted this to be the next “Devilman Crybaby.” Yuasa’s work is unparalleled in the anime industry that its even hard to imagine him disappointing viewers with his latest works.


    1. I know how you feel man, it felt like this series could have done way better,L than what it actually is, nonetheless I feel a little disappointed.


  2. Im months late to this post, but I liked this anime in general… it could have been better as others have said. But i was scrolling through Netflix and just decided to watch it. The ending was also abit sudden.


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