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Can we talk about this amazing ROM-COM anime ‘LOVELY COMPLEX’

Something about old classic romance anime hits different to me and while I was searching for one, I came across this amazing anime ‘LOVELY COMPLEX’. This anime has over 24 episode and it also got a live-action movie adaptation which is pretty nice if you ask me.

The story deals with a tall girl (koizumi Risa ) and a short boy (Ootani Atsushi) who are treated as a comedy duo by their classmates. ‘Lovely Complex’ has a very interesting and funny story line, but it has its serious moments as well, and both the characters are very well written.

Although being physically different from eachother, Koizumi (tall) and Ootani (short), they both soon find out that they have similar taste in music and fashion.


‘LOVELY COMPLEX’ in my opinion has an excellent story line and the struggles which the characters (mostly koizumi) go through because of their physical appearance defies the norm of the society makes my heart burst with tears. Going further in the series koizumi Risa will make you cry I guarantee it. Her character is written in such a way that you can’t help but cheer for her. She is a big happy personality, who cares a lot about her friends and even when she got rejected by the boy she loved, she didn’t gave up on her love and continued to work hard, although at times it gets extremely hard for her.

While Ootani, who is shorter than your average boys gets constantly mocked because of his short height, he tries his absolute best to play basketball and is very good at it, all because of his hardwork and dedication. Although at times he gets bullied because of his height, he doesn’t let it affect him. Similar to koizumi he’s got a happy personality, but at times he is a bit of a thick-headed and doesn’t understand the situation. No matter, he is still a caring friend and is always there to help you out.

Each and every episode is a gem, with progressive story and characters you can’t help but to fall in love with them. Lovely complex has a very different and a unique story, which makes it one fo my favourite romance anime. Just don’t let the artstyle bother you, in my opinion it adds to its aesthetic.

I just wish more and more people watch this anime, it is one of the most wholesome and funny animes out there. I would pay to watch it again like the first time.

LOVELY COMPLEX in my eyes is a solid 9/10.

Published by Kalzang

i love anime and nothing makes me more happier than sharing my opinion on my favourite animes

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