Can we talk about this amazing ROM-COM anime ‘LOVELY COMPLEX’

Something about old classic romance anime hits different to me and while I was searching for one, I came across this amazing anime ‘LOVELY COMPLEX’. This anime has over 24 episode and it also got a live-action movie adaptation which is pretty nice if you ask me. The story deals with a tall girl (koizumiContinue reading “Can we talk about this amazing ROM-COM anime ‘LOVELY COMPLEX’”

Why is no one talking about this beautiful anime ‘ARTE’?

It’s 2:42 am, and I have tears of happiness shimmering down my eyes, I feel like a baby right now, the ending literally gave me goosebumps, I can assure you, this series is the most beautiful, most empowering and the most wholesome anime I have ever watched, I maybe saying this in the gist ofContinue reading “Why is no one talking about this beautiful anime ‘ARTE’?”

Is the anime series ‘JAPAN SINKS 2020’ any good?

In this article I’m gonna talk about a Netflix original anime series ‘JAPAN SINKS 2020’, I’m gonna give you guys a honest review, unfiltered and raw, whether or not this series is worth watching, I will even give a rating in the scale of ten at the end of the article. DON’T WORRY THIS POSTContinue reading “Is the anime series ‘JAPAN SINKS 2020’ any good?”

Let’s talk about ‘FIRE FORCE’

En’en no Shōbōtai or Fire force is an japanese manga series, and got its anime adaptation which aired on July 5 2019 with a total of 24 episode in its first season. The second season is currently ongoing. I am gonna talk about what I really loved about this series and what I hated theContinue reading “Let’s talk about ‘FIRE FORCE’”


These are my TOP TEN PERSONAL FAVOURITE ANIME of all time and I hope you like them, just so you known the list is biased and I don’t really care how you feel about them, just kidding, leave your top ten anime down in the comments. 🙂 10. KIMETSU NO YAIBA (BLADE OF DEMON DESTRUCTION)Continue reading “TOP 10 FAVOURITE ANIME OF ALL TIME.”

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