Let’s talk about ‘FIRE FORCE’

En’en no Shōbōtai or Fire force is an japanese manga series, and got its anime adaptation which aired on July 5 2019 with a total of 24 episode in its first season. The second season is currently ongoing.

I am gonna talk about what I really loved about this series and what I hated the most, these are all personal opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone. Even if you get offended I dont really care lol.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watch this anime yet then go watch it cause there is gonna be huge spoilers.


The series started with introducing us to a world where the major cause of death is due to human combustion which is most likely a natural phenomenon, in which a humans die and turn into fire monster called infernals. And as we dive further into the series we find out that many human combustion are being caused by an evil group the EVANGELIST. And the infernal who were previously humans pose some threat to the humanity now and have to be dealt with immediately and so this is the part where the FIRE FORCE comes in, they are similar to normal fire fighter just that, they deal with the infernals (monster) caused by human combustion.

But the one thing to keep in mind is that the FIRE FORCE companies are actually more like a church or a religious ground something like that, and they worship a God named SOL, and the infernals when being exterminate they are offered prayers.

SHINRA KUSAKABE, the protagonists of the series becomes a new recruit of a FIRE FORCE company and as the story progresses, we come to know that there are many Fire Force Company with a total of eight company and all the companies having different cause and objectives but the main objective of all these companies is to exterminate the infernal. Our hero joins the no.8 FIRE FORCE company, in hopes to becoming a hero as he had made a promise to his late mother. Both SHINRA’S mom and little brother died in an human combustion accident when he was just a child.

KUSAKABE FAMILY: left=SHINRA, mid=SHO, right=Mother


The first thing I noticed when I started watching the series was that the quality of animation was very good, great actually, and I was really captivated by the quality of it. But to be honest I was actually pretty reluctant on not watching the series for many months, cause I though it was some wack fire fighting anime and stuff. But i was definitely wrong as I was engulfed by the story of SHINRA KUSAKABE and the FIRE FORCE.

I really didn’t see any flaws in the anime whatsoever, I can’t even complain about the characters, just that i have a little problem with the captain of no.8 company, AKITARU OBI, not having any power, I can see why they didn’t gave him any powers as he very strong even without any powers and the fact that he is powerless makes him very modest and wise, but i so wanna see him power up and decimate the enemy. He is my favourite character in the series so far.


And about other characters, the fact that ARTHUR is a dickhead actually doesn’t make me mad at all, and the fact that his power depends on the way he feels about himself make ‘me’ feel like a dickhead instead. Other than the captain himself I really like MAKI-SAN she is strong and powerful, but most importantly she is just so nice, she overreacts sometimes but it’s understandable and those biceps are everything I need lol.

MAKI-SAN my new waifu. 😖👉👈

Now about some omnious characters, THE EVANGELIST GROUP being the main source of evil in the series currently, and SHO KUSAKABE, the little brother of SHINRA KUSAKABE, who our hero thought he lost in a fire 12 year ago makes him happy to know that his little brother is still alive, but being the part of this evil group our hero has to so something about it, our protagonists has a lot to uncover and the secret of his mother being alive but as an demon infernal make me raise a lot of questions.

SHINRA AND SHO with the members of THE EVANGELIST, In the middle of the picture a woman is there, it may be their mother.

Other than THE EVANGELIST group, the character JOKER who at first I presumed as a bad character, seems very interesting as he, somehow knew that our hero’s little brother was still alive and had other noteable knowledge of the infernals and about the EVANGELIST and he even saved our protagonists once, I guess. I dont know where this JOKER character is a good or a bad guy, he seems to be helping our hero in a secretive way but sometimes I feel he has some ulterior motives. Let’s see what he does in the future, maybe in season 2 we will get some truth.


Right now the season one ends with SHINRA knowing the truth about what really happened 12 year ago, as he is told by the captain of the first company LEONARD BURNS, after having a little spar with our hero and having him deemed worth of the truth, BURNS tells everything he knew about the accident which happened 12 year ago, in the little spar with captain BURNS, it is quite noticeable that BURNS is extremely strong, and I sometimes get wary that he may be an enemy, I’m just assuming it.

Anyways, FIRE FORCE had a great first season, and I hope that season two won’t dissapoint us. I still have much to say but maybe next time. Leave a comment tho.

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