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Lets talk about TOWER OF GOD

TOWER OF GOD is a south korean Web Manhwa and got its anime adaptation on 1 April 2020, with a total of 13 episode in its 1st season.

I am gonna talk about what I really loved about this series and what I hated the most, these are all personal opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone. Even if you get offended I dont really care lol.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watch this anime yet then go watch it cause there is gonna be huge spoilers.


The anime started off first with introducing BAM as the protagonists and RACHEL as the love interest of the Mc(as it seemed to me at first) it was pretty clear that this Rachel girl was pretty important to our little Mc.

Watching the first episode didn’t make me feel interested in the series to be frank, but i did completed the series tho. And surprisingly it was getting quite interesting as it was progressing further but the Mc was way too boring for me, the protagonists was definitely strong, but didn’t knew how to use his strength.

But the only problem I had with him was that he was the BIGGEST SIMP(in season one atleast) like seriously dude, how far are you gonna go for this girl, the only reason this series exists is cause this dude couldn’t stop SIMPING over Rachel and had to follow her to the Tower of God.

And this girl RACHEL at first, was all well and good, I even approved BAM to simp over her like I can understand SIMPING over a kind person, but dude little did I know how wicked and twisted Rachel truly was, instead of feeling grateful to our little Mc, she feels jealousy and hatred towards our little simp(BAM)

Being an ungrateful bitch, she even tried to kill BAM on many occasions and was successful as she pushed BAM from a distant height(I can’t explain how she killed him cause it will be too damn long but it was sure that he died atleast that’s what she thought) but little did that bitch know that BAM survived and it was pretty obvious that he is gonna get a power up or a training arc or something like that in the next season I assume.

So there is this king or a god JAHAD something like that(I forgot) who is most likely to be at the top of the Tower and there are these princesses and they seem to be quite powerful aswell and they are all adopted from different clans or races something like that, just to showcase the power of the King i guess, season one didn’t reveal much but it is quite obvious that there is much more than just BAM and RACHEL climbing the Tower.

Princesses of Jahad

And about BAM’s friend group, there is this one specific character named KHUN that I guess has something going on aswell, I can definitely see him affecting the story in major ways, I feel he may betray BAM in the future or maybe not, just a guess but right now he is quite a good friend to our little BAM

Enough of the characters, let’s talk about animation, cruchyroll did a good job for the first time ever(lol joking) animation was pretty decent and the story I guess was fine, I surely felt captivated after a while, and I can definitely say that the characters other than BAM and RACHEL are pretty interesting aswell.

Lastly I dont know what our little simp boi will do, will he take for his revenge and kill RACHEL or will he continue to simp. Only GOD and those filthy MANGA READERS know. Stop giving spoiler dude.

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i love anime and nothing makes me more happier than sharing my opinion on my favourite animes

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