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Why is no one talking about this beautiful anime ‘ARTE’?

It’s 2:42 am, and I have tears of happiness shimmering down my eyes, I feel like a baby right now, the ending literally gave me goosebumps, I can assure you, this series is the most beautiful, most empowering and the most wholesome anime I have ever watched, I maybe saying this in the gist of the moment but I am really happy, so please don’t judge me. And I know, I am flattering this anime a little too much, but i cant help it, cause this series deserves it.

A little bit about our protagonists before I start talking about the series *NO SPOILERS*. Our protagonists, ARTE is a noble born girl, and simply put, she love arts, but her mother say otherwise and wants her daughter to marry someone rich, so that her daughter will have a good future. But ARTE, also say otherwise, and leaves her home, in hopes of becoming an artisan, which is her dream. But a girl being an artisan is never heard-of. And so she has to endeavour through a lot of hardship, to follow her dreams.


Being offered a life of luxury and comfort is what everyone desires, even I do. But our ARTE, begs to differ, as all she wants to do is create art and stand on her own two feet. But the society denies her dream, because girls working as an artisan was something unheard of. And seeing our protagonists ARTE trying her best to prove that she is worthy of becoming an artisan, I can’t help but cheer for our little ARTE. Nothing seems to faze her, as her goal are clear to her and all she need to do is keep working hard. And after finally meeting someone, who was willing to take her in their workshop, ARTE’s dream slowly starts to take shape, but problems keep falling upon her one after the other but she keep on moving forward and seeing her try so hard, it is impossible to not cheer for her.

A historical, slice of life anime based on 16th century Florence, Italy, when art was thriving. A young girl sets out into the world following her dream, but is discriminated by the society as girls weren’t allowed to work, but small things like this can’t keep her chained up. And works really hard to prove, how wrong the society is.

Truly a beautiful anime, with good animation and a beautiful story, it does have a frustrating romantic scenes, but whatever, we just want to see ARTE owning the world.

Go watch this anime, I would highly recommend, please don’t sleep on such an amazing anime.

This anime is a 8 out of 10 for me.


One piece episode 934 just aired about the an hours ago, and i have already watched it. Dude, the ending gave me chills. Finally got to see some zoro moves.

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